By Phil-boissiere 24th January

It has been beaten into us since we were kids. And now with the momentum of the whole foods and organic movement sweeping the nation, a working knowledge and dedication to a healthy diet has never been more important.

Sure, sure, we all know that eating our vegetables is a key part of a healthy life, but few of us really know why. What exactly is happening in the body, and as importantly, the mind, as a result of eating nutritious foods?

The human body is made of many constituents; that is many individual pieces…like a well-tuned machine. Take away just one or two of these vital components, and the entire bio-mechanism will flounder in the muddy waters of life.

“What does that mean?” you ask. Good question!

Did you know that fava beans are loaded with naturally occurring dopamine? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that carries information across the vast electric chasms of our brains.

A lack of Dopamine in the body can lead to severe psychological disorders, depression, and can hinder nearly every bodily function from one’s mental/emotional state, to voluntary and involuntary motor-function (e.g. heart beat, digestion etc.). Just one imbalanced chemical throws off the entire rhythm of the human machine.

Does this mean you should run to your nearest grocer and snatch up all the fava bean hummus? Not necessarily. The body is nourished entirely, with fresh food consisting of a variety of many fruits, vegetables,meat, fish, and eggs, and moderate portions of grains.

There is more to eating well than the occasional apple, or lettuce on your burger. Your body is made of many complimentary constituents; low levels of just one of these myriad constituents, and the entire bio-human-machine falls out of tune.

We should rethink what it means to eat a balanced, nutritious diet. It means proper digestion. It means a balanced and eager mind. A proper diet means everything to our health, happiness, and longevity.

So live long, think twice about that high-calorie, low-nutrition snack, and eat slice of smoked salmon instead!

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