Powerful techniques for experienced adults with ADHD.

The Advanced Skills Program is designed for those who have either completed the Basic Skills Program or those who don't have struggles with organization, distraction, completing tasks, sleep, or meal timing. The Advanced Program will take you to the next level with powerful techniques for managing projects, harnessing motivation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, managing emotions, finding professional success, improving relationships, and using nutrition and exercise to boost focus, energy, and more.

Most people will find the Complete Program to be the most cost effective way of managing Adult ADHD naturally.

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Most Advanced Techniques

The Advanced Skills Program contains 8 powerful modules: Project Management, Positive Visualization, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Managing Emotions, Professional Success, Improved Relationships, Nutrition, Exercise, plus the accompanying manual.

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"ADHD has multiple advantages that when properly leveraged can become superpowers. Phil’s video series gives you an incredible game plan for success." -DALE ARCHER, MD, author of The ADHD Advantage

"Finding effective support for adult ADHD can be daunting. Phil Boissiere’s video series delivers clinically sound skills that build confidence and hope in a very engaging and visually appealing way." -LIDIA ZYLOWSKA, MD, author of The Mindfulness Prescription for ADHD

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